Monday, January 16, 2012

Hot, cold and shocking news in the safety overshoe market.


Hot, cold and shocking news in the safety overshoe market. 

January 17, 2012
Toronto, Canada

Safetytoes International Inc., of Toronto, Canada announces results of latest ASTM and NFPA tests on the Slipp-R brand of safety overshoes. The tests were conducted by the INTERTEK Group PLC of New York, USA and "prove" additional safety features unique to the Slipp-R rubber overshoe. The company will use the test results to launch its new slogan, "Safetytoes That Work".

The Slipp-R rubber steel toecap safety overshoe has been tested in two unique categories never before seen in a safety overshoe. Tested against an NFPA  1971-07 Standard for protective equipment used by Fire Fighters the Slipp-R was found to withstand a temperature of 302 degrees Fahrenheit. The test results indicate that after 30 seconds of exposure to 302 degree heat the temperature of the samples had risen to only 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

“This opens up more work environments where the Slipp-R should be considered and as an alternative to other expensive safety footwear.” Patrick Smyth, CEO Safetytoes International Inc. “There are many situations where it is either hot or cold underfoot and the Slipp-R has excellent insulation qualities. Think of the guys who work on road surfacing and the ones who work in cold storage. The Slipp-R can be a big bonus for them.”

Tested against an ASTM 2412-05 Standard for Electric Shock Resistance, and in accordance with ASTM D1776, the Slipp-R had results that were well below the maximum allowed for current leakage. Mr. Smyth said, “The Slipp-R was subjected to 14,000 volts of electricity and the leakage was less than one milliamp. Workers wearing the Slipp-R brand of safety overshoe are well protected from exposure to electric shock. No other safety overshoe has this level of protection.”

The Made-in-Canada Slipp-R has achieved superior status since it was first released in October, 2006. As well as these now proven unique features of Thermal and Electric Shock Resistance, the Slipp-R safety overshoe has a full range of other attributes that make it supremely attractive to safety footwear buyers. The Slipp-R provides toe protection at double the minimums required in any of the World Standards as well as being slip, acid, oil and animal fat resistant. It has proven abrasion and cut resistance not seen in any other product of its type and, not being made of PVC, is environmentally friendly.

Safetytoes International Inc.
Toronto, Canada
1 800 441 5481


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