Sunday, March 17, 2013

The ongoing plastic exposed-toe wars.

Looks like there's anger again among the plastic exposed-toe resellers. It seems yet another company has ripped-off the "original" plastic safetytoe. (Of course that's a bit like saying another company has ripped-off the "original" fishing pole.) The reason for the anger is loss of profits. When you make a cheap product and somebody else brings the same cheap product to market, the "original" rip-off artists suffer a drop in sales.

The Slipp-R rubber enclosed steel toe safety overshoe is unique. It is not copied because it is not a cheap product and easy to copy. You would have to be interested more on safety than profit. The plastic exposed-toe products are not in demand so much as resellers are making too much profit from pushing an inferior product that has a very short useful life. It is only the short useful life cycle that ensures reorders.

With each passing month the Slipp-R grows in awareness. More and more companies are starting to realise the real cost of buying a cheap plastic safety overshoe. For example, what's the point of a price guarantee if the product fails after only 3 months? What comfort is there in paying the lowest price going for a cheap product? It still fits poorly, tears and wears-down easily and heaven help you if you are wearing flat-soled outer shoes. That excess bit for the heel gets squashed underfoot with every step. Where's the "safety" in that?

The Slipp-R rubber enclosed steel toe safety overshoe is still the only product of its kind that can honestly say  it is "Made in Canada". Some resellers only wish they could say that, honestly. If they are saying it, then can you trust what else they say? If they aren't saying it, what do they have to be ashamed of?

Here at the original we service those "in-the-know". Big, smart companies like Coca Cola, Unilever, Novapharm, Grace Industries, PetSmart and small, smart companies that know the difference between cheap plastic and durable rubber.

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