Monday, August 5, 2013

Improved Safety and Reduced Pain for Diabetics With the Slipp-r Safetytoe Overshoe .

People who suffer with diabetes have well documented complaints about their footwear. Often there is discomfort and pain associated with the disease and steel toecaps in safety work wear are almost impossible to bear. In fact, there are stories about that tell of amputations of toes due to the effects of unsuitable safety footwear. This of course is catastrophic for both employee and employer. For example, the employee has to deal with loss of income and the employer a slew of statutory requirements. Given that our societies are trending to obesity as populations age, the matter of adequate toe protection is of growing concern.

At Safetytoes International Inc., we have been aware of this for some time. Since 1999 when we first sold safetytoe overshoes with steel toecaps we have encountered many diabetes sufferers and heard their tales of woe. In part, this prompted our desire to make our ‘Slipp-R’ safetytoe overshoe a household item as well as an industrial product. Diabetes sufferers have a compelling need for toe protection, so steel toecaps are inviting. However, the steel toecap can be cold-conductive, restrict the flow of blood and give rise to cramp. Not the kind of conditions that facilitate a long, safe and satisfying day at work or home.

The ‘Slipp-R’ is a rubber-based steel toecap safetytoe overshoe that is quite unique in what is often referred to as the visitors’ overshoe market. The rubber material is sturdy and robust, designed to resist wear, tear and nicks in most industrial settings. This allows the ‘Slipp-R’ to deal with cuts and abrasion that can cut short the useful life of a safetytoe overshoe. At around 6mm thick, the slip-resistant overshoe provides for a snug fit and the unique all-flat sole can accommodate most heel types, including the sneaker-type outer shoes favoured by those who have diabetes. The ‘Slipp-R’ will not crack, stiffen or harden, even in cold conditions. Its unique design has a rear pull-on tab that combines with a wider shank allowing for greater ease of ‘pull-on’ and ‘pull-off’.

The ‘Slipp-R’ safetytoe overshoe has been embraced by many who have diabetes. The steel toecap is completely enclosed in rubber and has a very stylish appearance. Over any black or brown outer shoe the slip-on overshoe is virtually invisible. This is a major benefit in the visitors’ overshoe market where other toe protection products appear comical and not conducive to wearing, even when toe protection is called for.

The ‘Slipp-R’ is lightweight due to the chemical composition of the rubber material making wearing these innovative products tireless. This is not always the case with safety boots or shoes that can have significant weight. ‘Slipp-R’s are transferable between workers or family members and they are in use where contamination brought in by outer shoes is an issue. Not only will the ‘Slipp-R’ provide toe protection, slip, animal fat, oil and acid resistance, it encases the outer shoe and traps gunk until the overshoe is removed.

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