Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Protect Your Piggies Alternative Toe Protection For Diabetics

Rubber galoshes with steel toecaps not only protect vital body parts but come with some safety features lost long ago with the demise of the original rubber galosh. Once a familiar sight around the home and office, rubber galoshes were 'de rigueur' barely a generation ago. Back then; this unique piece of attire was used solely for protecting shoes. Fortunately, the rubber material also had some inherent safety features, much sought after today - if not so highly valued then.

Slips account for a large percentage of accidents. Until the collection and reporting of data became a force in the medical field, many accidents were classified according to the injured area or body part. The cause of these accidents would be due to a "slip and a subsequent fall". This is why the rubber galoshes of yesteryear were not viewed as items with safety features. Rather, they were considered pieces of clothing. The fact that the rubber gave good grip and helped create a solid footing went unappreciated.

The SLIPP-R brand of safety toes fit snuggly over the toe area of outer shoes. The galosh itself is made of a 100% rubber material and it has some other neat safety features. The concept and design were inspired by curlers on ice rinks who always need to sweep, stop and sweep. But not all surfaces are icy and these steel toe overshoes also deliver good grip underfoot in snow, rain and mud.

SLIPP-Rs for toe protection should be of interest to any diabetic who is active around the house and garden. According to a recent survey, about 86,000 lower limbs are amputated annually due to complications from diabetes. To a diabetic, the big toe is an extremely vulnerable body part with some very unfortunate consequences if damaged. Advice recommending occasional toe protection should be included with suggestions to wear thick socks, to cut toenails straight across, to exercise and always get the best fitting comfortable shoes. Shoes are of supreme importance to diabetes sufferers because poorly fitted shoes are involved in as many as half of the problems that lead to amputations.

Our ability to use our feet safely, with ease and comfort, is vital if we are to remain active and efficient at work and play. Our customers report many uses for our SLIPP-Rs around the house and at the office. The sturdy steel toe cap is stylish, light and covered. Qualities that encourage regular use which is so important for a safety culture.

SLIPP-R safety toes are direct descendants of the original rubber galosh. The original was invented by an African-American by the name of Alvin Longo Rickman, who received a patent for an overshoe in 1898. The move to vulcanized rubber was invented by Charles Goodyear in the 20th century.

So, keep the tradition and spread the word. Slips and falls are dangerous. SLIPP-R steel toe safety overshoes are good for you.

Protect your piggies!

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