Friday, June 1, 2007

Safetytoes International Inc., of Toronto, Canada, Makes First Sale to China

Toronto, Canada -- Since launching their 'Slipp-R' brand of safety toe overshoes in October 2006, Safetytoes International Inc., has been selling their unique products all over the world. However, it is the sale to China that makes Patrick Smyth, company founder, most pleased.
"We decided to make our 'Slipp-R's in Canada at a time when North American industry was out-sourcing to China and Mexico." Smyth was adamant that manufacturing jobs should not be transferred overseas. "Our first order to China is a small one but it shows how our 'Slipp-R' safety toe is unique. And, we've already sold into Mexico!"
Companies all over the world have been showing a keen interest in the 'Slipp-R'. "We have been focused on the EU countries but word is spreading." Smyth says, "Our viral marketing is working. When we sell to a multi-national company in Belgium we get interest from South Africa! That's how we have been growing."
The 'Slipp-R' safety toe overshoe is made of vulcanized rubber and is worn mostly by visitors to industrial plants. The sturdy overshoe can be passed from person to person avoiding expensive or unpleasant alternatives. "The unfortunate thing about safety in the workplace is that not everybody likes to wear the proper gear. Sometimes it is too bulky or maybe just too ugly looking. Most of us appreciate looking good which is why we made the 'Slipp-R' so stylish." The founder of
the one-product company used Italian designers and the best of materials to promote toe protection at work and at home.
Of particular interest to food processing companies, the 'Slipp-R' safetytoe isolates germs and bacteria brought in by visitors' street shoes. Wherever toe protection is required the steel toe cap in the 'Slipp-R' is considered more than adequate. Generally toes needs to be protected from impact and compression to a minimum standard that is exceeded by the 'Slipp-R'. Tests done to gain the CE Approval for Europe show that the steel toe cap provides double the minimum toe protection. In North America tests done to compare against OSHA and CSA standards show that the 'Slipp-R' exceeds minimum requirements. The 'Slipp-R' has anti-slip qualities and is acid, oil and animal resistant. The unique design allows for ease of use and looks more like a piece of dress wear than industrial wear.

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